Finally The Goals...

Since last 2-3 weeks, we have been busy focussing on getting our goals and PDP 1 sorted out for the day job, in prepping for re-org, that was announced early December 2018. Several drafts were done in various formats like word & excel and emails were sent back & forth. That's said, from the word go, I consulted a colleague from L &T 2 to get some tips for putting together the PDP.

The 1st one to one meeting with the boss to discuss the PDP was held on January 21st, 2019 and a couple of more things were added as a result. Long story short, in the end, agreed Goals & PDP documents were emailed to the boss earlier this afternoon and also everything was entered on to the corporate software application. So, it's all done.

Now, to get on with everything that has been put on as Goals - both for the day job as well as for Personal Development. I can see next few months are going to be extremely busy, not only keeping up with of my own on top of day to day work & projects, but also making sure goals & PDP progress of my direct reports.

In the PDP journey, I will also have to complete a significant number of on-line training courses, to bring my knowledge and skills up to speed in the following areas, document Key Learning Points and Application in the Day Job. All of these will have to be completed by April 30th, 2019!

  • Operations Management Foundations
  • Operations Excellence Foundations
  • Lean Foundations
  • Lean Six-Sigma Foundations
  • Process Improvement Foundations
  • Leading Effectively
  • Negotiations Foundations
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Finance for Non Finance Managers

  1. Personal Development Plans

  2. Learning & Talent Department

Back to the usual...

Holidays are over. Both the daughter and the visiting guests from Goa, all have now gone back. Both Monica and myself are back to our usual life. Our routine of going to work, getting back home, catching -up with day job stuff even after getting back home , fixing something to eat and getting some sleep continues. The home, most is 'pin drop silence', except occasional shout out throw at me from Mrs either to eat dinner or show away garbage. When we are not having a meal together, I mostly spend my time in the couch with my iPad, whilst Mrs either watch TV or gets on with her day job stuff on her work notebook.

I guess, this routine will continue up until mid February to early March, when we will be expecting MIL here for a visit. Then of course, come mid April or so, we will have daughter coming for her spring vacation, both of which we are looking forward to.

One month with BuJo

First month of simple bullet journaling with a paper notebook and pen seemed to have helped me to keep track of my tasks and achieve most of them, in particular in the day job. Before I make a decision whether I’d continue with BuJo into 2019, I might as well continue with my present notebook in the month of December too. With that in mind, set up Monthly Log for December in the BuJo. Migrated a just a few tasks from last month to this current months. After I receive the Hobonchi cousin planner which is expected in next few weeks, will be able to decide whether I would use the planner to combine planning + bullet journaling into one.


No Title Post...

In the recent past, I’ve been thinking a lot about, my being obsessed with too much of a stuctured & perfection - both in personal life and in the day job. I’ve always liked to plan things in advance and complete my tasks to perfection. Being organized and attention to detail has always been priority for me. I suspect whether I had acquired this nature of mine since the childhood, inspired by my father and also from being a very active Boy Scout. My father being a very dedicated government servant in his entire career, has always served any organization he worked in a well planned & organized manner and completed his duties to *perfection. Similarly, he maintained the same high standards for anything and everything he did at home also. Being on time for any appointments and finishing any tasks on time has always been an important thing for him. In scouting, I learnt to *Be Prepared all the time. I was heavily invloved in planning & orgnizing both indoor and outdoor activities in the Scout Troop.

I believe, my obsession of being too structured & perfection has most part has helped me in maintaining my high standards, specially in the day job with increased depenability, which is a good thing overall. However, on the flip side, it has also contributed significantly bringing frequent anxieties, unfortunately. Lately, as a workaround to over come frequent anxiety, I’ve been trying a few things like, keeping a control over checking emails when not at work, spending more time under the neem tree, starting to read & keep a Bullet Journal and spend time in coinversation with my favorite 10C community. Though, I haven’t experienced remarkable improvement just yet, I expect to see even little improvement to the current status.


Earlier this month we had staff forum for the 1st time in a long time, since the prideccssor of the Divisional Head had retired.
After a slide presentation giving a business update on financials and customer feedback ratings, the Divisional Head addressed the forum. At the out set, he mentioned that it was the first & last time that he was going to talk at the entire session and in the future, it would be respective departmental heads must give an update of each of their business units' initiatives to the audience.

Addressing the audience, the Divisional Head emphasised mainly on cost efficiency, process efficiency and improving product & service. The Key themes were:

  • Quality is all about customer expectations and constant change in expectations,
  • Being able to meet customers' changing needs of expectations,
  • Speed to market - Being able to work smarter & faster with a flexible approach,
  • Make things happen - to design a product & service, that will enable crew to deliver efficiently,
  • The product & service must be faster, more modern & more efficient,
  • Sustainability - more environmental friendly products

All in all his message was very clear that we need to change the way we work. No nonsense with him - he wants us to make things simpler, deliver results faster with cost & efficiency in focus and ultimately support to create stress-free cabin crew, so that they can engage with customers to improve overall customer experience.

The New

The new premium class kitchen officially commissioned earlier this afternoon and I witnessed the preparation and dispatch of first flight. It was an important milestone for everyone. C487C8D8-0497-40E0-9346-A167FB2309CC.jpeg


A few weeks ago, during a visit to the new kitchen, I spotted that some of the catreing trucks have gotten a facelift in the van body. Later I found out that this new livery will be phased in to entire fleet of trucks. The new livery definitely looks much cleaner, nicer and simpler. 4D374982-72F9-46A7-BA5A-F59DA08CA2F1.jpeg

Two Months

I completely had forgotten that it has been two months, since mother passed away to this past November, the 7th. There hasn't been a single day passed though, that I did not think about her. Unfortunately, every time I think of her and all the love & care that she gave to me, the more sad, I have been. I missed her lots. I miss calling her to ask about her and to enquire about what's going on SL, I miss her queries about how our daughter is doing etc.
I'd like to think she is still thinking of me and looking after me from the heaven. I know, she will continue to love, care and protect me from danger for ever. I love you mum! May you attain supreme bliss of nirvana

A couple of days back, my niece sent the photo below, which was taken in December, 2017 at our home in SL. She knew one of my all time favorite dishes is srilankan rotti and she never missed to make them all by her self whenever I visit there.

Mother making Rotti-Dec 2017.jpg

From Byword to 10C

Oh, well… that the other day I asked Jason, whether 10C retains any post that we compose elsewhere in Markdown 1 and copy + paste in 10C admin panel. The answer was affirmative. Here is the test post I’m composing on Byword app on my iPad to send to 10C. Let’s see how it goes… Nothing much else interesting to say.

  1. In this instance on Byword

Notion App

Writing this post in Notion app on iPad. They have a separate area that one can use to write blog posts if they so wish. In fact there is a template for writing blog posts. In the recent past, it appears that Notion app has got some traction among tech community. Quite a few people on the inter webs believe Notion is a reliable candidate for Evernote replacement. Notion’s concept of wiki is intersting. I haven’t used Notion much except just playing with it a few months back with their web app on Mac. One reason for my seldom use, perhaps becuase I don’t like it much on any of my iDevices. That said, I might give it another try to see whether it’s of any good use for me in the coming weeks