Almost that time to get some sleep.

Good Night Jason. Sleep well.

I doubt whether any pizza from last night is still left in the fridge…because I'm hungry.

Agree. Most importantly, the context is paramount important.

It has now more than a month since I had the selection process in the re-org and no results have been announced as yet. We were only told to hanging there at the last Thursday morning team meeting. I believe very unprofessional for any organization with a repute. Am hoping, I will get to hear some positive outcome at least in this coming week.

Just opened the 8th pod since last Saturday.

Nope. Quiet at home. Mrs & daughter have gone to church for a training session for Stephanie to serve as a Eucharistic Minister.

May I ask how has the weekend been treating you so far?

Weekend is almost coming to end. I'm pleased about how this weekend went. Pulled to gether with family to clear up most of the clutter at home and even to sell some used stuff. All the funds raised went to daughter, though it wouldn't make her rich.

Just finished another pod.