The MC

The wife out performed her maiden MC role at a prestigious annual event in her organisation this morning. I was fortunate to being able to watch the proceedings on a live broadcast, sitting in the lounge at one the company buildings off HQ.
She wasn't just the MC of the event, but also seemed the chief organizer , ensuring the order of the agenda, Q&A and not to mention making arrangements for a live broadcast for overseas colleagues to participate.
From the accolades she has received after the event, I have to say I'm very pleased and proud of her.


I've been posting and exploring on this 10Cv5 quite a bit since I signed in last night. Though I did not have time this morning to post anything, no sooner I got back home I started posting. Haven't even bothered to check m.b time line.

I believe, it's all about the aesthetics. Look and feel is important as much as the functionality. At least for me. Then there's simplicity and ease of use, of course.

I am really hoping my inspiration and motivation to come and post here consistently will contiued to be so. Because, 10Cv5 is beautiful!


OK. Before hit the bed, logged on from MacBook. Looked like though I had logged on earlier from MBA, it did not remember my log-in credentials on the browser. When tried logging in, first instance, it gave me a message to say "Could not log in" . It took a few minutes for me to figure out, I had omitted one letter in my email address in the log in field. I'd thought, why didn't it just say something like 'incorrect email address' ….?

Couch Post

Posting from the sitting in the couch at home, on iPad Pro portrait mode and using onscreen keyboard. Here the post window is clearly displayed and visible on the screen. Am actually using the onscreen keyboard first time for a long time. In fact, cannot recall the last time I used portrait orientation. I’ve been using the iPad either a keyboard or Apple Pencil. Even with the pencil, I tend to use it in landscape orientation.

Let's blog post from smartphone

Yep, you read it right. Here's a brief blog post from my Android smartphone sitting in the couch at home. Am still unsure whether 10Cv5 is primarily for mobile devices or not. Either way it looks great. On smartphone though, when the the G Board keyboard pops out it covers almost half of the post window. It's not a deal breaker, no. Perhaps that's way it ought to be. The other thing is I'm not sure whether geotags are visible along with the blog posts on the site. Then what about the character limits? I don't think there's one and that's a good thing.

Another First...

What we've been longing for is finally here - 10Cv5. The latest innovation from Jason. This is my 1st blog post here. Am so pleased for being able to get this early access to play with it. Right now I'm on Safari on my MBA. I like the pure white, clean UI. Looks nice & simple - exactly I've been looking forward to really. Nice!


If you ask me the most frustrating thing for me in the day job has always been having to closely monitor responses from people for important emails and having to chase them by sending & re-sending reminders. Without receiving any responses, I’m struck without being able to take next action or make any progress on business improvements or larger projects that matters to the business. I seemed to have this issue both with internal and external contacts.

I admit that we all have love & hate relationship with emails because our email inboxes are flooded with emails 24/7 ; for this reason, in the recent past I started to develop a habit to talk and discuss much with people face-to-face, rather than shooting out emails, specially with my own internal colleagues. But, of course there are always situations that a formal and documented communication is necessary in the business world. As a result of this ignorance from the others, I am spending more time in trying to follow up emails. Perhaps, I should look at myself to see ways to improve my process of email communication!

Out with Stephie

Out in the mall with the daughter. So far we've been to
. Apple Store
. Bershka
. Seattle's best coffee

Here's what's she's up to right now


Major Changes

There has been a major organizational/structural change announced in the kitchen while back. From the change announcement that was published, it said it is a major strategic move that would look towards 2025!

Will have to wait and see what other changes in the pipe-line for the functional/ operational areas in the business, which may potentially have an impact the way we do our business. Watch this space!

Revision Time

I’m sitting with iPad in my favorite spot at home - on the big sofa and typing this up, while I see Stephie is seated in her favorite study corner at home doing revision for her uni exams in May. I quickly captured this photo without her knowing 006345CA-A5FB-4E93-A335-A34E99BCEB3D.jpeg 7EA9EC4A-984F-4784-AFE0-BC28F1149E77.jpeg