More than an year

I was scrolling through my 10C blog last night to realized that I haven’t post here for over an year. I can understand not being able to write most part of the last year due to quite unexpected redundancy that both Mrs & I had to go through and consequent preparations for repatriation - flight tickets, freight, medical tests whatnot. But, there shouldn’t be any excuses for not writing a single blog post, since we moved in here. At least not after we had settled in to a decent level.

It has been quite an experience over last eleven months, though they haven’t mostly been pleasant. In a way, I knew that before and I did not have much expectations. In fact, it has been well below my expectations, unfortunately. On top of poorly managed C19 pandemic; political, economical and social situation in the island has been worst for over an year or so. There doesn’t appear to be any signs of improvement in the foreseeable future either. Most of the times I had felt that I must keep my eyes, ears & mouth closed and just move on with life looking after the family and myself without having to worry about what’s happening around in the island. But every now and then, I get too frustrated and disgusted about hearing all the nonsense!

May be I am looking at everything too negatively. There have been a few times that Mrs has told me so. Perhaps, she’s got a point. I must try to look at positive things going well here as well and be grateful. That could be another blog post for some other time…