Two Months

I completely had forgotten that it has been two months, since mother passed away to this past November, the 7th. There hasn't been a single day passed though, that I did not think about her. Unfortunately, every time I think of her and all the love & care that she gave to me, the more sad, I have been. I missed her lots. I miss calling her to ask about her and to enquire about what's going on SL, I miss her queries about how our daughter is doing etc.I'd like to think she is still thinking of me and looking after me from the heaven. I know, she will continue to love, care and protect me from danger for ever. I love you mum! May you attain supreme bliss of nirvana

A couple of days back, my niece sent the photo below, which was taken in December, 2017 at our home in SL. She knew one of my all time favorite dishes is srilankan rotti and she never missed to make them all by her self whenever I visit there.

Mother making Rotti-Dec 2017.jpg