Earlier this month we had staff forum for the 1st time in a long time, since the prideccssor of the Divisional Head had retired.
After a slide presentation giving a business update on financials and customer feedback ratings, the Divisional Head addressed the forum. At the out set, he mentioned that it was the first & last time that he was going to talk at the entire session and in the future, it would be respective departmental heads must give an update of each of their business units' initiatives to the audience.

Addressing the audience, the Divisional Head emphasised mainly on cost efficiency, process efficiency and improving product & service. The Key themes were:

  • Quality is all about customer expectations and constant change in expectations,
  • Being able to meet customers' changing needs of expectations,
  • Speed to market - Being able to work smarter & faster with a flexible approach,
  • Make things happen - to design a product & service, that will enable crew to deliver efficiently,
  • The product & service must be faster, more modern & more efficient,
  • Sustainability - more environmental friendly products

All in all his message was very clear that we need to change the way we work. No nonsense with him - he wants us to make things simpler, deliver results faster with cost & efficiency in focus and ultimately support to create stress-free cabin crew, so that they can engage with customers to improve overall customer experience.