First Day in the Aviation

This is a test to see whether posts could be back dated to 19th of January 1991. This was the day I started my career in the world of Airline industry, as a 27 years old young lad. My dad accompanied me in the public transport to Air Lanka offices in Katunayake. After reporting at the Administration office, I was asked to go to another office located in the aircraft hangar. There was a person in a white shirt & a blue trouser, what looked like an uniform as he also wore blue/gold colored Epaulettes with four stripes. Looking at the number of stripes he had, he definitely appeared a guy in high ranks. He shook his hand to introduced him self saying," Hello, I'm Nada'. After a brief chat, he asked me to go the room next door.
That room was fixed with steel shelving and there were all sorts of stuff stored on thos shelves. Shelves were also labeled with various names like, Hollowware,Serving Gear,Crockery,Glass etc. Some of those names, I had never even heard of!