It’s past 1530 in the afternoon and here I’m still sitting in the office because that last meeting which was scheduled from 1530 - 1630 1 got cancelled at 1530. The meeting was scheduled to discuss expected KPI(s) from the meal choice prediction project of which I was looking forward to with excitement. I’ve been working on this project in full swing since last August or so until it was temporary put on hold in the last week of December last year, when some shadow testing trials were already planned. Then in early February, the project was reinstated and work restarted, specially gathering system enhancements requirements to facilitate full go live by end April. While all these were in progress there has also been another new development to look at further enhance the current process of meal offering for the customers, which would also require enhancements to the same system. When people asked me which project & enhancements to the system should take priority , my recommendation was and still is, that we should work on both in parallel from both business process and system enhancements perspective, as these two projects compliment each other with ultimate aim of enhancing the product & service offering to our guests. However, there seems to be some challenges in time and resources for some of the stakeholders that they are unable to work on both. I suspect, this last minute cancellation of the KPI meeting has caused by this uncertainty of which one to give priority.Note: I very rarely get time to write blog posts when I am not at home. But here we go, there is one here for today!

  1. Beyond official work hours


There has been an update to v5 while back 1 After seeing Jason’s post about the update, I asked him what is it all about becuase sometimes I don’t understand all the technical stuff. So Jason said

“some of the SQL queries that collect data from the database. I think for most people, they'll see v5 as faster than v4, but when a person has 100,000+ records attached to a single persona, publishing posts would often take about 0.6 seconds. That's much too long, so the most recent updates has it down to about 0.004 seconds.”

For me, 10C has always been lightening fast when compared with lots of other online services I use, including in the day job. Therefore, I’m not sure whether how much I’d notice the improved speed after the most recent update. For me, reasonable speedy responsiveness for any service - both online and offline has always been an expectation. Absence of that, really is a dissatisfier. Any improved product or service that goes beyond my expectations is of course a delight ! That’s the way it is around here on 10C.

  1. Title of this post is the version number of the update


I’ve always been liked to try out any new app on mac or iOS, in particular productivity ones. In most cases, if they have been on trial, at the end of such trial period, I either buy or subscribe to them annually. Therefore, I expect either product or service they offer to be working reliably. When they are not, more than anything else, it frustrates me hell of a lot. Right now, it is a moment like that…

I recently purchased an app called Capsicum - a kind of Bullet Journaling app made for iOS. After 14 days, trial, I had subscribed to the app and installed on both iPad and iPhone 1 I like both the functionality as well as looks of the app. It does what it is supposed to be doing - giving people to do basic planning of tasks, make notes & tracking whatever the habits they wasn't to keep a track of. There are loose leaf section, if anyone wants to keep notes & a record of other bits & pieces. I've been using it for keeping a gratitude journal and a record of HBR articles, that I've read.

In the short time, I've started using the app on both iPhone & iPad, I've heavily been using it, even making entires on the go. However, yesterday I noticed that the iPhone app stopped syncing with iPad counterpart and I did not see any of the entires I had in the iPad on my iPhone. As the whole app eco system and syncing works based on account created within the app; I logged off from iPhone app and logged in again to see whether the syncing issue journals between iPad and iPhone would be resolved. To my surprise, all the journals I had created had disappeared. I tried restoring the purchase within the feature in the app and nothing happened. Whilst, app still let me know create new journals, my previous journals never came back. At this point, I decided to email the developer about the issue I was facing. As expected, he was so prompt and I received a reply in less than 15 minutes giving me advice for troubleshooting. Unfortunately though nothing worked. After exchange of a few emails back & forth, he managed to get my missing journals on iPhone back. However, the sync function between iPad and iPhone still wasn't working. The developer reckoned there is a issue in syncing and he would fix it and let me have the beta via TestFlight as it might take a couple of weeks for it to be available via App Store. This morning I had received the link to Beta version; but I am still not too sure whether I should install it on iPad or iPhone or on both. I've just sent him an email asking for clarification.

Though I was a bit frustrated when I realized journals on iPhone has disappeared and all of the data I had in them were lost, the Developer's speedy responses to my emails and quick action, delighted me in the end.

  1. They do not have a mac version

As much as she’s supposedly a celebatory chef and seemed a lovely person , I did not particularly enjoy doing the kitchen tour this morning for reasons even I myself unable to figure. Perhaps, it was becuase there were far too many people, including the videographers from the media; I don’t know. After going around all the areas in the kitchen to finish off in the Concept Development Kitchen, where the chefs demoed live cooking, in the middle, a thought came in my mind what’s the hell am I doing here…! I am much capable and can contribute to the organization much better than taking people around the kitchen. That’s said, I did enjoy though watching how the chef cooked fried rice in the wok. He cooked the shrimps, followed by peas; after which the egg York was put into the wok, before putting part of boiled rice. He particularly mentioned that the rice must be cold. A couple of minutes after the first part of rice was cooked in the egg York base; the 2nd part of the rice was put into the wok. In a few minutes later another part of egg York was put into the rice. Finally, the shrimps and peas were added to finish the fried rice.

An Indian chef then begun the cooking demonstration of the Tandoori oven, explaining how the chicken meat must be marinated & whatnot, in which point, I decided to leave after politely informing the people around.

Another Milestone

Much awaited Anri theme on 10Cv5 is here!. Congratulations & Thank you, Jason! I may not have been posting blog posts as much as I would've loved to; but I've always been looking forward to seeing and experiencing any new product or service offering and enhancements that were coming to 10C, ever since I had joined the network. I know, sometimes, I've been unfairly impatient and even have been bugging Jason about new features, timelines & whatnot. I have to say though, my such behavior was entirely as a result of just the love I have for 10C. I'm hoping Jason understands that.

From the conversations we have had in the social network, I am aware of Jason's solo efforts, in spending sleepless nights over the past few months to brought this beautiful site and it is much valued. Unfortunately, I don't have the skills & competence to have been able to contribute to Jason's work though. That's said, I'd like to think, my occasional nagging has at least inspired Jason in his efforts. Thank you again!

Saying No

Sometimes I feel I am not being assertive enough in the day job and as a result end up in taking too much on my plate. Perhaps this is causing a bit of stress on me. Right now, I’m not too sure what to do about this due to the fact that I am very constrained in being able to delegate. That’s said, sooner than later I must find a way to deal with the current situation.

Here we go first post from v5 Anri theme

Tour de Kitchen

Today I had the privilege to have been able to facilitate a tour for renewoned journalsit from Economist magazine, in the recently commissioned K3 facility. Though, the facility has been in operation for about 2.5 months and having facilitated at least one such tour during that time; it was only this morning, I finally managed to learn the optimal flow of the facility. Due to the sheer size of the property 1 and the target was to finish the tour in not more than 2 hours, I had to search for the most appropriate route. This also had to cover both food production and non-food operational areas of interest to any outsider, in this case journalist.

A couple of hours before facilitating the tour, I took the opportunity to walk the intended route myself, exploring the stairs & lifts connecting different floors in the 3-story buidling until I was fully conveninced & satisfied myself of the flow. It had to ensure that the guests will be able to see & understand the entire end-to-end process on ground, that ensures some 60,000 individual pieces 2 from tiny toothpicks to large meal trolleys with meal trays are loaded onto the aeroplane.

The route/flow we took started in the ware wash, proceeding to Hot Kitchen, Cold Kitchen, Pastry; followed by food assembly, flight build up and then to tray-setting. We also took a brief around the Bond, before finished the tour in the exclusive First Class kitchen, where guests had a demo from the Chef and had an opportunity to try out a few dishes.

During the tour, among other things, we covered intersting facts such as

  • Total build area of the facility - 67,000 sq m 3
  • Number of meals produced - 180K of that 35K for premium cabins
  • Total number of employees - 3,500
  • Total pieces of equipment washed & santitised everyday - 3.1 m
  • Royal Dulton bone china offered in Premium cabins
  • Number of industry standard dish wash machines -9
  • Number of lifts - 18
  • Bottles of wines loaded - 8000 dailyto name a few.

  1. Build area is equlant to 9 football fields

  2. Six tons

  3. Equivalent to 9 football fields

Premium Kitchen Walk Around

Notes from walk around on Sunday, February 24, 2019

Enter EKFC 3 from Mezzanine floor or level 1From level 1, take the stairs in the LHS, without going through securityWalk all the way until you see Ground floor signageEnter from the door onto RightYou are entering the clean side of the ware washPass through the dish-wash machines - 09 Dishwash machines

Ware Wash FactsBulk washers : 03Multi Track machines : 03Glass washers : 02Total pieces: 2.5 - 3 million a day of which 60% of F and JMonorail : 1.8km LongMonorail Stations : 03Bin conveyor: 1Km in distanceBin charging stations: 04Liquid Drainers: 06No pallets - All Equipment transported on EMS Trolleys

Goods Receiving AreaNo of Bays: 11Deliveries: 100 a dayDollies: over 500

Next Stop - Bond StoresTake the lift no 62 from Warewash in Ground Level to Bond Store in Level 1Enter into Business Class Bar Packing Area - beside Duty Free Bond

Bond Store FactsNo of Bar Carts preparation for a dayFirst Class : 200 a dayBusiness Class: 800 a dayDFS Carts: 1200 a dayWine & Champagne containers: 1300 a day8000 bottles of wines a day1,500 DP champagne bottles a day80 - 100 types of wines - RegionalF & J Kit Bags: 350 bags packed a day = 6000 kits a daySleep Suits : 200 a dayFirst Class Goodie Baskets: 1000 a dayDry Stores containers: 1500 a day

Next Stop - Flight Prep / Production in Level 2Take lift number 53 or 54Passing the Tray setting stations ( 12 stations ) Take right to the PastryAfter the Pastry, Pass by cold kitchenAcross the corridor walk into the Hot KitchenExit back to Tray SettingTurn left from the 1st door to left ( Door signage- Hot Kitchen Assembly) towards First Class exclusive kitchen

Next Stop - Flight Prep - Equipment Packing on Level 2190,000 glasses are packed a day70,000 pieces of cutlery packed a day25000 cutlery rolls are made a day

10C on Fluid App

Just purchased full version of Fluid app for MacBook. I have used free version of the app sometime back on my MBA and quite liked it. Not that I have loads of websites that I frequently access or anything like that; but just the handful of services I regularly access 1 I like to be able to access just one click. Not only it keeps me focus & away from tendency to check out other websites, It is straight forward and convenient. I’ve realized that lately, my span of attention for anything for a longer time has been a problem and lesser the distractions, let me focus and increase my attention levels for a given situation or task. Perhaps, technology capability provided in Fluid app to create dedicated apps-kind solution to access various websites - one at a time in a level of satisfaction might help me to focus more on interesting web contents and interaction.

  1. 10C included