Do I want any other

With all the new enhancements to 10C v5 coming along, I’ve been wondering whether I’d really want to be part of any other social networks online…

Since for a long time, I stopped posting onto Twitter and Facebook, though I still haven’t cancelled my accounts there. Then, I still have my paid subscription on microblog, though I haven’t been much active there. Like Larry said earlier this evening, there’s whole lots of Apple and also general tech talk and conversations there. So as conversations about productivity, which am interested in. What I miss there is more personal and somewhat intimate conversations. Perhaps it’s becuase no fault of the community or the network, but my own for not posting interesting stuff and more frequently.

in View of all the above, I must give some thought to whether I should continue my subs or not.

Morning People Are Less Ethical at Night

And night owls cheat more in the morning, according to new research.

This is a blog post

Now that 10Cv5 is out (sort of) I thought I’d see what happens with a blog post… Seems like Jason has been working last few hours getting v5 stufff to work, while I had a 3 hours nap this afternoon and waking up with some weird thoughts. This is some inspiration that there is always something in life, that one can look forward to.

15 different types of journals to keep - darktea

A journal does not need to be a daily record starting on 1st January, here are some ideas for the different types of journals you can keep

There may well be some useful tips for me here, I may want to practice.


This afternoon, email has been sent to the entire department

Subject: We want to hear from you!

Throughout the Catering Restructure journey, we value your feedback and comments. We also want to hear your questions and concerns whenever you have any. I am available to discuss if you wish to have the conversation in person, and the project room is always open for you to drop by and ask anything. We have also arranged for a suggestions/comments box that you can share with us your thoughts in a written form by dropping them in the box. Feel free to keep the message anonymous if you wish.
The box will be placed next to Josie, and for the whole journey of restructure.
Looking forward to read through what you have to share , and circulating answers as well as updates post that.

In Praise of Email

Remember a decade or two ago when it was our national pastime to complain about email? More recently, as I’ve reassessed this blog, my social media presence, and our centralized digital platf…

Absolutely agree!

Throwing and catching

Seven years ago, I shared a secret about juggling: Throwing is more important than catching. If you’re good at throwing, the catching takes care of itself. Emergency response is overrated com…

Harnessing the Science of Persuasion

No leader can succeed without mastering the art of persuasion. But there’s hard science in that skill, too, and a large body of psychological research suggests there are six basic laws of winning friends and influencing people.


Our young lady started two months internship today with the organization. I think it was quite unusual for her to wake up as early as 5 am in the morning, but she did all right and was smartly dressed up & ready by 0600. We did a small prayer and soon after a selfie before she left for work with mother.