Here is the thing...

There won't be much time left, I feel. It's time I'd rather focus much of my time & energy building or re-building my relationship with human beings, starting from family & then the people I work with. It's of no value whatsoever getting into debates & arguments, as long as my principles & values are met. We can have different opinons & that's a good thing, as long as when we come to an agreement, we will all support that. In the Day Job, Most people are kind & willing to help, if need be. None of us are perfect; we all make mistakes & sometimes miss deadlines. In some cases, some people want to make use of me to achieve not only to over up their own oversights, but more importantly to acheive departmental goals collectively. If I colloborate & coroprate and do whatever I could to best of my ability, I believe, I can contribute to our teams' success. At the end of the day, I wouldn't want my resume virtues, I'd rather have eulogy virtues by being cooperative and more kind to people

Sitting in the Couch

This place at home has always been my favorite place to spend time whenever I'm at home. Stephanie went out to spend New Years eve with her friends. Mrs drove to drop her off. I'm here sitting down in dim lights, looking over to the Christmas tree and having a few glasses of wine solo.


In reflection the year just passing by in about 3 hours or so, 2019, unfortunately hasn't been at all an exciting one for me personally. Most part of the year, I had been down with some sort of ill health - even now down with bad cough and cold. In the day job, there had been a restructuring process, in the organization in which most of the employees had to go through including myself which put me under enormous stress and anxiety. I'm grateful though, about six months ago it was all finished and I ended up posting to the same job, I had been doing for two decades or so. Since then, I spent most part of my day job in the kitchen. I loved spending time in hardcore operations, wearing hairnet, overcoat and safety shoes to spend time on the shop floor in the kitchen to make sure everything goes well to support our guests' experience in-fight. I've been very much hands-on with the day to day operations, inside out. On reflection though I feel, as a result I missed the opportunity to get on with more tasks of my own in strategic nature. I believe, that's an area I'd need to change and improve to spend time in for more strategically important tasks to bring our operations to next level. I haven't come up with any new year resolutions as such and I usually don't. But there are a few thoughts and ideas in my mind to make it happened. More about that later.
In closing, I'm grateful for my wife & the daughter for being very supprtive and also to my friends here on 10C for all the lovely posts & conversations, even though I haven't been involved much.

Michael Wayne Jones

Michael, whom we all knew on ADN and later here on 10 Centuries as @KDFrawg has passed away, @larry posted yesterday. I, first got to know Michael from ADN and later we became much closer friends here on 10C. Our conversations here goes back to early 2016 or so. Since then and until Michael left 10C in early 2018, we have had many interesting and mind stimulating conversations of all sorts. On 10 Centuries, he shared his knowledge & skills in many areas such as computers, food, cars etc. Michael has always been a very kind and empathetic human being. He has in many occasions was here for me, specially whenever I was down with anxiety. In January 2018, just a few days before Michael left 10C, we DM(d) each other and Michael was so kind enough to offer me to call him & talk, if need be during a peak of my anxiety. Michael had also helped me with lots of useful tips during I was putting things together in preparation of Stephanie's university in August 2016.

I was rather upset and unhappy when Michael announced his leaving from 10C, perhaps for my own selfish reasons for not being able to converse with him. But fortunately I had the opportunity to keep touch with him in the beginning on Plurk and more recently on group on Mastodon, though I haven't been much active there. I believe my last conversation with Michael was about 6 months back in July.

I wish, I said these words before Michael left this world.

I'm sad I lost a friend!


Year 2019 has really not been a good one for me in terms of overall health unfortunately. It all started with HS in April this year and repeated a couple of times and in June I had to undergo a minor surgery. Health issues continued into early October when I had to start physiotherapy for replapse of neck & shoulder pain due to issue with cervical C5-C6. As I was reaching towards the final physiotherapy sessions with some improvement to neck/shoulder pain, in the 2nd week of November, I was down with cold & flu. And in the 3rd week of the same month, I was hit hard when I became very sick with high fever and loss of appetite on last Tuesday night and ended up in emergency, followed by hospitalization. I was diagnosed with Acute bacterial prostatitis and was being treated with IV antibiotics for little less than a week. In addition to all those physical health issues; level of my anxiety has been in highs almost throughout this past months.


By mid July or so I had exhausted all my sick leave for the year. Fortunately between August - October I was sick-free and was hoping it would stay as is for rest of year, which unfortunately wasn't the reality when I got sick last week.This sudden illness resulted me having to request for Annual Leave due to hospitalization, followed by doctor's advice to rest.

On reflection,though the above circumstances of ill health may not have had any direct co-relation;when looking back at atleast last 6-7 months, I know I have been far too much exhausted both mentally and physically in the day job. Whilst I enjoy being on the kitchen shop floor more than sitting behind a computer at work, I get the feeling that I was over doing it. Probably another that added to stress could be multitasking often than it should be.
I've already started to look back and review my work style and I'm aiming to do it in more detail manner over next 4 weeks, so that hopefully I can start gradually implement new way of working in 2020!


This afternoon I received a kind of pat on the back on email from my boss for a simple assessment exercise that I put forward on last Thursday to him for his approval for a forthcoming assessment for a job as a part of the restructuring program. Though he had requested me to do it about one & half weeks back, I put it together in about 15 minutes time when I got to work on Thursday morning and handed him a printed hardcopy during the Thursday Morning direct reports meeting. The exercise task / question is based on a real work scenario and according to the boss is very apt. It wasn't really rocket science for me after all.

The point I am trying to make is that looking back, most of my most productive and effective work outputs have come from such assignments that I had completed in the last minute without much planning sort of. So I am wondering if that's the case, whether I should at all take time and effort for detailed planning in the day job, as long as I have an outline in my mind how to achieve a particular task or an assignment to a high standard. That's being said, I just purchased a digital planner to use on my iPad

Digital Planner

Down the Memory Lane

When I was visiting Sri Lanka in the recent past, I had the oppotunity to meet a few of my long lost relatives from my dad's side. They were present at mother's 1st year death anniversary function held in the house mother lived. Amongst the relatives whom I met, there was this young niece and her mum who's house is located close to dad's native place. In chatting with her it helped me to bring back a few memories in my early childhood, that has long been forgotten. In addition to the young niece, there's also my dad's youngest brother whom we called poddi bappa and his wife are living in the village. Unfortunately though, we haven't been in touch for many years and also they aren't contactable on available technology. So, I haven't got any latest updates about them.

Dad grew up in a remote viilage called Kahanda in the district of Galle in Southern Sri Lanka. His native place was along side Kahanda Howpe Road, Angulugaha. A popular landmark near by his home in the village is Kahanda Maha Vidyalaya - a school, owned & operated by the government for local children. 1 I believe even my dad and his family of sisters & brothers, all obtained their education in this school. So, as my niece up to her 5th Grade and afterwards she has moved to a popular girls school in the city, she told me.


After my dad got married, he and my mother had started their marriage life in Matara - district further down in Southern Sri Lanka. Since then my parents have been living and working in many parts of the island as my dad was working for the public service in various parts of the island. As a result, my sisters & I also had to move from one school to another until we finally settled in the capital in mid nineteen seventies. Even though my dad has been living miles away from his native place, he never missed out to make a visit to see our grandparents & any other relatives in the village.Even after the grandparents passed away he continued his visits. Occasionally, he took me also on his trips. These trips were mostly made by public tranport, whilst in some rare occassions, we travelled with lokuthaththa{2. Elder brother of dad] in his [Austin A30]. I recall there were two arms used to pop out either sides in between front and rear doors as indicators when turning the car. They were called trafficators apparently.
( Whether the journey was on the public bus or the car, it did not make a much difference in the time & duration taken for travel - at least good 3-4 hours.

Austin A30

Austin A30 Trafficators

Most of the visits were just limited to day trips, though there had been times that we spent one or two nights in the house dad's brother owned and he & his family lived in before they moved to the capital. Dad's brother's only child is my cousin sister, who I believe obtained her secondry education in the Galle District. She used to own a bicycle and everytime I visited there I used to ask her permisson to ride the bicycle. Although she had no objection, I remember my dad wasn't very happy thinking I might fall or do something stupid. His objections did not stop me, but I used to take the bicyle and disappeared to the gravel road beside my cousin's house. The road had no tarmac and during the rains it was full of water puddles and mud. There had been a few times that the bicycle used to skid and I ended up with bruses all over my arms & legs. When my dad saw me like that he used to get very angry with me. Then there was another growen up cousin sister who lived in a house located on the gravel road. Occassionally, she used to come watch me when I was riding the bicycle. We called her Suddi akka 2.

It has now been more than two decades that I have been to dad's native village and my memories have slowly been fading away until this past week, when I chatted to my niece and asked her to send me a couple of photos in particular the road I used to ride the bicycle. Seeing those images, quite a bit has changed and improved over the years. The road has now been converted to a tarmac road and a few newly constructed properties have come up. What seemed to have not changed is the lush greenery in the neighbourhood though. Seeing these images immediately made me realized the beautiful nature & surroundings with the smell of local villages that I have been missing since I moved out from Sri Lanka. Not just that, people from both my dad's and mom's families & relatives. I miss chatting to them and understanding & appreciating daily chaos they go through in their lives. Next time when I visit the motherland I might as well plan a road trip to these places.

2019-09-21 - kahanda road

  1. website hasn't neither been maintained nor updated since 2014

  2. She is fair in complexion, so she was called fair sister

Reading your blog post yesterday, here is mine…

Photos Map

What's in Boxes


When I take occasional naps during the afternoons I occupy the bed in the study room upstairs. This afternoon after taking the nap I woke up sighting the six big cardboard boxes that have been taken refuge in the top of the fixed wall cupboard in the room. As long as I remember these boxes have been there at least last 14 years. Yes, since 2005 - the year I was graduated in my MBA. All these boxes are fully packed with almost every piece of material that I used during course of studies, mostly the stuff I used during my research project. It has collections of magazine articles, published academic papers of the subject, handwritten fullscap papers whatnot. These were the material that helped me to get through the final research project of the degree and taught me academic writing. At the time I had no iPad, no iPhone. Not much of internet with 24/7 connection. Most of the stuff were taken from printed copies of HBR, which I used to receive in mail every month. Soon, these boxes will have to come down from where they are being stacked. I don't want to discard them, but I will have to. Mrs had already mentioned to me a couple of times that I should get rid of them in prepping for our proposed move, though no dates are known or fixed whatsoever. Before they will be thrown away, I'd have a look once more time to bring back memories of those times I put lots of time and effort in completing the research project.

Going Back to the Uni

After 3 months & 15 days 1 being here on vacation at the end of her final year of Bacholor's studies, daughter is returning back to university tomorrow morning. She will puruse her Master's for another year. Like mother went to the UK to help her in packing and moving out from her shared accommodation at the end of May, mum will also be accompanying her this time around to the UK to help daughter in moving into new uni accommodation.

2019-05-30 - stephie flight lgw-dxb

Though daughter sleep till late almost evryday during her stay over last 3 months, as expected this home was very lively and brightened-up. Like dad, she doesn't talk much; but when she does, she talks wisely and to the point.
During the vacation, she had the opportunity to hangout with her friends from the church a couple of occasions, including overnight trip to Abu Dhabi to attend Life of the Spirit youth conference in the end of July.

2019-07-09 - with church folksjpeg

In June, the family had dinner out at Bab Al Yam as a surprise treat for the daughter for scoring impressive marks for her degree. She had got through with First Class honours - a standard I had never been able to achieve during my academic years.
We flew into the UK for Stephanie's graduation which took place on Friday the July 19th, 2019 at the Cathedral of Caterbury and it was indeed a happy occassion for all of us. Around the same time, soon after the graduation, she got the confirmation of the offer to study her MSc in Social & Applied Psychology

2019-07-19 - just graduated in bsc

2019-07-19-stephie graduation fly photo

Towards the end of July, we were quite busy with making necessary arrangements to obtain visa for the daughter and we were pleased that everything worked out well, except in the first instance we realised that her first name was spelled incorrectly in the vignette. That got sorted in about a week or so though without much of a delay.

In August, nothing much interesting happened particularly due to peak of the summer and rising outside temperatures & high levels of humidity. We did of course travelled to Sri Lanka in the end of August for about 10 days. It was a good opportunity for Stephanie to catch up with her relatives and cousins. During the month, we also received the graduation portraits and fixed one of them on the wall. As for the family photo, it still hasn't put in a proper photo frame just yet.

2019-08-29-stephie graduation potrait

Some Culinery Stuff During this vacation

2019-06-12 - banana _oats cookies

2019-06-10 - brownies by stephie

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Asking too much?

Sometimes I wonder whether I'm asking way too much from Jason, our creator of 10Centuries in terms of feature requests, enhancements and whatnot. Jason mostly oblige and deliver most of those requests. Most recently he came up with a sleek solution for data import to Day One journaling app from any blog site on 10C. He delivered the solution in almost less than 24 hours time. Quite impressive! I immediately used the new data export function to export blog archive to Day One, which automatically created a journal called 10Centuries and all the blog entities started to appear along with meta data. Even the photos I had posted on my blog. Awesome!
Ain't I feeling guilty for asking these features, but not being using those and other features 10C offers to blog consistently…? To be honest, I'm.