It’s past 1530 in the afternoon and here I’m still sitting in the office because that last meeting which was scheduled from 1530 - 1630 1 got cancelled at 1530. The meeting was scheduled to discuss expected KPI(s) from the meal choice prediction project of which I was looking forward to with excitement. I’ve been working on this project in full swing since last August or so until it was temporary put on hold in the last week of December last year, when some shadow testing trials were already planned. Then in early February, the project was reinstated and work restarted, specially gathering system enhancements requirements to facilitate full go live by end April. While all these were in progress there has also been another new development to look at further enhance the current process of meal offering for the customers, which would also require enhancements to the same system. When people asked me which project & enhancements to the system should take priority , my recommendation was and still is, that we should work on both in parallel from both business process and system enhancements perspective, as these two projects compliment each other with ultimate aim of enhancing the product & service offering to our guests. However, there seems to be some challenges in time and resources for some of the stakeholders that they are unable to work on both. I suspect, this last minute cancellation of the KPI meeting has caused by this uncertainty of which one to give priority.
Note: I very rarely get time to write blog posts when I am not at home. But here we go, there is one here for today!

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