Twenty Nine Years

Today mark 29 years since I first arrived in Dubai. That means today also mark as my date of joining to Emirates. It has also been customary that for expatriates recruited from overseas, the date of joining is the date people board their flight into the country.
Over last 29 years I’ve been fortunate for being part of world’s one of the most rapidly grown airlines and being able to contribute to its success. I had the opportunity to meet some of the most wonderful people both inside & outside the organization and build long lasting relationships. I had travelled most parts of the world for business and pleasure. I learned, experienced and appreciated working with people from all various cultural backgrounds. I enjoyed having had the privilege of experience of tasting wide variety of local cuisine in the various parts of the world. I had worked under extremely challenging circumstances, in setting up new stations, during industrial actions, under extreme weather conditions and even natural disasters like ash clouds.
Unfortunately the C19 pandemics and resultant impact to the industry has not been favorable to people in the industry and resizing of the organizations had to be done. I don’t think there were any other options to control expenditure, but to let some people go. I’m one of them. Though it’s sad to leave a career which I had put my heart and soul for many years, I don’t take it personally. In hindsight, I feel, I needed that nudge after having been in the same industry for almost 35 years, to pursue new ventures. I don’t know which that new venture would be just yet. But I believe it’s going to be a good one. Onwards & upwards!