MacJournal Early Impressions

Thought, I’d give a deep dive in an effort to find out differences between using MacJournal VS DayOne for keeping a journal. First and foremost, from the early syncing attempts of both apps earlier this morning, DayOne has a much superior sync between devices in comparison to MacJournal sync between their mac and iOS apps. Whilst DayOne gives the option to sync via either their web service or iCloud; MacJournal’s only options are either local wifi or Dropbox. That’s said, I still haven’t been able to really sort out dropbox set up for sync MacJournal file. I’m still wondering though how important it is to me the sync feature between devices.

A prominent and useful feature of MacJournal is focus mode for composing entries. I’m impressed with being able to type in a distraction free dark screen in bight green fonts on my MacBook screen. In application preferences, people even can change settings in focus editing mode’s background and font color if they so wish to. I am not sure DayOne gives such a rich typing experience, though it has its plain white composing window. I may be wrong. Will have to dig deep to find out.

Today, from the developer’s website, I understood MacJournal is being removed from the App Store and be available on Developer’s website for free. Now, that’s great news for anyone who’d like some rich journaling experience, I think. That’s being said, I will have to see myself, how much I’d be using the app, considering the fact, that I still haven’t been able to sort out sync process between mac and iOS app to be able to use MacJournal on my iPad. Oh, well… as much as I use iPad than this MacBook, sometimes feel though, how often I’m going to make journal entires using the iPad.