The missing Deed

During the recent vacation in Sri Lanka, the subject of the deed of the plot my farther donated to me came up. I vaguely recalled that due to the pressure from Mrs, I had taken it from mother and brought here and was under locked and keyed in one of the Mrs’s storage cupboards in the Master Bedroom. However, Mrs insists that I took it from her and brought back to Sri Lanka. I don’t understand her claim, as I am pretty sure there hasn’t been any requirement for me to take it back to SL. My mother too said that I had taken it from her during an earlier visit and brought here.

After a strong argument, raising her voice at me, Mrs put out all sorts of files and documentation from her cupboard for me to find the deed, with no avail. Am now in a kind of dilemma, not being able to find it. I haven’t search for it in depth in my filing cabinet I have ; but I doubt whether I will find it there. Fortunately I found a digital copy in my personal One Note account though. I will have to continue my search, but perhaps not today as I don’t want to stress myself anymore