Going MacBook

Over the last 18 months or so iPad Pro 12.9 has mostly been my primary computing device both at the day job as well as at home. Early this year in the day job, I requested for a replacement to my work notebook - Lenovo X460 and I was issued with a large HP notebook with a humongous screen. Whilst it came loaded with Windows 10 touch screen and has mostly been okay for the work I do, I always found it is too big and heavier to carry around than the Lenovo I had. Even the keyboard not as good as the Lenovo. This also resulted my increased usage of iPad in the day job. With all this, I also purchased a lovely little MacBook 12" towards the end of last year, as a replacement device to my MacBook Air mid-2011. Truth must be told - I've hardly been using my shiny new MacBook though. I realized the rare usage of MacBook has been a direct result of been used to and comfortable with iPad over the years, since iPad 9.7. There a few other reasons for my hands mostly been going to iPad, like, fast & easy powering up & being able access apps, my growing habit of note taking using Apple Pencil and somewhat easiness of lugging around, though it is actually little larger than the MacBook. That's being said, with Apple Smart Keyboard cover I had started to give problems, I had to attach the Logitech keyboard to iPad and as a result the whole iPad kit became too bulky and heavy, which made carrying around harder. So, I thought it's time to review my main personal computing device.

There is a belief that 1st of the year or month is a good way to kick off a new beginning or a habit. Though I am not a huge believer of such things, this time around I am thinking of giving it a go and start using this MacBook 1 for most of my personal computing tasks, whilst I keep iPad Pro exclusively for Note taking and perhaps emails and task management. So, here I go on June 1st, 2018…

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