Michael Wayne Jones

Michael, whom we all knew on ADN and later here on 10 Centuries as @KDFrawg has passed away, @larry posted yesterday. I, first got to know Michael from ADN and later we became much closer friends here on 10C. Our conversations here goes back to early 2016 or so. Since then and until Michael left 10C in early 2018, we have had many interesting and mind stimulating conversations of all sorts. On 10 Centuries, he shared his knowledge & skills in many areas such as computers, food, cars etc. Michael has always been a very kind and empathetic human being. He has in many occasions was here for me, specially whenever I was down with anxiety. In January 2018, just a few days before Michael left 10C, we DM(d) each other and Michael was so kind enough to offer me to call him & talk, if need be during a peak of my anxiety. Michael had also helped me with lots of useful tips during I was putting things together in preparation of Stephanie's university in August 2016.

I was rather upset and unhappy when Michael announced his leaving from 10C, perhaps for my own selfish reasons for not being able to converse with him. But fortunately I had the opportunity to keep touch with him in the beginning on Plurk and more recently on appdot.net group on Mastodon, though I haven't been much active there. I believe my last conversation with Michael was about 6 months back in July.

I wish, I said these words before Michael left this world.

I'm sad I lost a friend!