I believe its time to get some sleep

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it with 2 meetings scheduled for tomorrow Saturday


The downside to MS Teams is that people call for meetings online all sorts of things even during weekends!

Yep what a difference absolutely for good though


Am getting even more stressed with all the changes that are being made to product and service in very short notice to meet regulatory requirements these days.

Dinner done with Mrs. So as a glass of vodka, but without Mrs though 🤐

No one seems to be around here right now

Thanks Jason. At that time, coming from Twitter 1, ADN was all new to me. That’s said, in the brief time I was there I made a few friends that thanks to you that I’ve been fortunate being able to continue in touch. That has been a great feeling.

  1. I believe where I had quite a few friends, specially from the world of aviation


Very well explained



Brings back nice memories. Here is from two years agob31f788c-d97a-417c-942d-846e45f2451e