The Mind

Earlier this morning we were invited for breakfast at a neighborhood friend’s house. The only guests present there was Mrs,his visiting brother and myself. One thing I noticed, the people in the breakfast table had various conversations, while eating their breakfast - nothing about their day jobs or anything like that; but various other topics such as food, entertainment & other matters of interest. While they were conversing, though I was trying hard to concentrate and join their conversation, my mind kept taking me back to stuff that is in my plate in the day job & whatnot. Though, I tried my best to join their conversation,any meaningful words to contribute to the topics they were talking about did not come. I know, this isn’t any good and acceptable social behavior.

Since the start of this year, I’ve been thinking about not to think about the day job stuff way too much, specially during weekends and instead focus my mind and energy towards much more interested things like reading or even put down my thoughts down, by way of journaling or even blogging; however it hasn’t been materialized just yet. One roadblock for this could possibly be due to me checking of day job emails too much during the weekends and that is something I must work on to discipline myself, to limit the frequency of the activity.