Text Journaling? The little project you're working on?


Almost arrived in the church ⛪

Mrs is driving too fast!

How’s your evening going?


Napped and showered. Already for church now

I can feel level of anxiety is increasing with movement of muscles on the chest just below the right shoulder. Best thing to do is to take a nap.

Just thinking whether to take a an hour nap, before going to church in about 150 minutes…

Huh…? Before you, asked I went back onto the site settings and activated all landing page settings anyway. Hmm.. nothing changed still. For me, it is rather too precious to loose any of my blog or social posts on various 10C sites. 🤐

on my journal site only the 1st page is shown. There isn't a way to look at any past posts. in the 1st page, only a week's social posts are displayed. Nothing lists under Archives also.