They did implement MD?

Yes, I also believe need time to think through and to understand & apply to our own selves. To learn & adapt even incrementally…

Funnily, me too - even just only after watched just a couple of his YouTube videos over last week

Titles 'Value is Bound by Limitation…?

A colleague who worked closely with me, retired & went back about a couple of years ago, had just sent me a reply to my message I sent to let him no that I've been sick

Sumudu, treat it as a sign from above. You need to sit and evaluate your entire life.

Haven’t walked since about two or three weeks for obvious reasons

And On my personal site, I invariably forget to mark some posts as private. But I like the flexibility that we have here to classify the posts.

No, never knew that. I do occasional locked 🔒 posts onto password protected my notes site, which is mostly rants about the day job though. 🤐

The post widow displays the question What’s on your mind. I sometimes I wonder though, whether other people are really interested about reading what I’m up to/what’s going in my mind and even some people may find it’s a nuisance and I am spamming the timeline. I got this feeling last night when I posted about that I was on the way home after the rock concert.