Simply Thank you even good enough I 🤔

Lovely! How do your employer reward & recognize your contribution towards achieving such results ?

That's always a good thing. Occasionally I've been trying to do similar through Linkedin online courses, which are freely available to employees through organization learning system.

Completed a work project successfully? Great!

For most part of my working life, I've been enjoying it, except since last year or so, perhaps due to unexpected challenges faced personally.


Cloud Learning Program?

Sounds strange; recently I read that for the most of Americans their job is their passion - The Unexpected Benefits of Pursuing a Passion Outside of Work []


Perhaps I'd just take a drive to the grocery store quick.

How many times I've told friends & family in SL that neither WhatsApp nor Skype calls do not work in this country. They still keep trying to use those media to get in touch with me. Either they've forgotten or just ignorance!

That doesn't make any sense at all. I'd rather use any other available feature to empahsisze words! Anyway, for some reason MS hasn't been my favorite, though I compelled to use the program for day job