Lack of motivation

About two years back I wrote about this 2016 being the first year of the new team was appointed, the team has been active and there were quite a few interesting activities organised by the team. I also was inspired and motivated to get involved in most of those activities. Come, 2017, it begun to fade my motivation in getting involved as I did in the previous year. Beside, in terms of activities, there wasn't much either.
When it was announced a couple of weeks ago, that elections are due to select a new service team, I made a decision not to be included this time around. I did not feel like that I have the motivation and inspiration to serve. I emailed about my decision to the core Team and politely requested them to remove my name from the list. However, I sent in my votes for 7 memeber Team, naming those people, who are spiritually be able to contribute and serve the Lord much much better than me. I’m pleased that all the people whom I voted were selected. I wish them god’s blessings in their roles!

First Attempt

Inspired by Jason's DDM podcast, a few days ago I asked Jason about the basics of getting a podcast recorded and uploaded here. So, here I'm my very first podcast attempt while on the move this morning in the Flight Kitchen. I have to admit, this is very low standard, so please don't listen. I'm sure, over time I will improve. At this stage I am curous about how will this come up on the site 🙂

My Script Stylus.

Since last couple of weeks, I had removed Apple smart keyboard cover from iPad Pro because it started to act funny in most cases it did not function. It also has allowed me to make use of my i Pad in portrait mode more often ever before.This is also a good thing, in that I am using my Apple Pencil more,not only with Note taking apps; but also with Myscript Stylus 1 APP, that replace the virtual keyboard and convert my handwriting to text. The beauty, it works with any email app and also web interface, if I want to write any text.
Right now, I am writing this very blog post using My script stylus A P P and my Apple pencil directly onto 10C blog interface on the web. How cool is that?

  1. Alternative for virtual keyboard on iPad

Christmas, 2017


Christmas lunch at Niranjan & Priyanga's place on December 22nd, just before we returned back to old home town. It was good fun to being able to bond with extended family.


Just a day left for her to return back to the uni, Stephie has got her 1st semester results, she said short while ago.
As always, she has done well again and scored 83 for Statistics, 76 for Biology and 60 for Computing. I'm so pleased about her achievement to say the least. She's such a sweetheart without we having to nag her in her studies, she does it all, every time, all the time. Well done darling!

Another test for back dating posts

Back in March last year I checked whether we could back date the blog posts here and it worked. I thought, I'd do another test this time around. So, let's see whether I could back date this post to January 1st,2018..? I think you could do it by cllicking gear icon top right hand-side to access Settings and changing the publish date to the date you want.Cool!

2018 New Year Family Selfie

Here is the family selfie taken at home on January 1st,2018, soon after we got back from attending new year mass.

2018 New Year Family Photo.jpg

Blogging on 10C

After very long time, I'm logged onto 10C blog interface on a computer, rather than on iPad. Certainly, it looks and functions much better on the computer here on my new shiny MacBook. I'm hoping this would encourage me to blog more frequently in the coming year. From recent statics provided by Jason, shows that I have done 85 blog posts in 2017, in comparison to 38 in 2016. If I got my math correct, that is 40% increase in blog posts. Naturally I guess that number also include my password protected 10C site I maintain for some of my notes.

The BIG wedding

Yesterday, I attended the 2nd big event in the family here in Sri Lanka, since I moved overseas. It was also the 1st wedding of the generation after us when my big sister’s daughter got married in her late 20’s.

From what I’ve been hearing and seeing since I travelled here to attend the wedding party, it appeared that mainly the event was put together by Wida’s family and I thought they had done it superbly!

Personally, it was a fabulous opportinity for me to have met with many of my cousins and their families after many years. I’m also glad that I managed to speak to people who were responsible for the event from the hotel and get things done with special attention, things like the setting up of the lunch buffet and tabel lay-ups with cleaned glasses and plates. People commended about the whole event and in particular about the quality of the food served.

All in all, it was great fun! 20171214_074925.jpg 20171214_051056.jpg 20171214_060506.jpg 20171214_074725.jpg 20171214_074732.jpg 20171214_074740.jpg 20171214_074937.jpg 20171214_082238.jpg 20171214_082600.jpg 20171214_082919.jpg 20171214_082935.jpg 20171214_085433.jpg 20171214_085433.jpg 20171214_090452.jpg
20171214_091412.jpg 20171214_094743.jpg 20171214_094812.jpg 20171214_100740.jpg 20171214_104931.jpg 20171214_110600.jpg 20171214_100740.jpg

Mom's 85th

First time ever, since I left Sri Lanka, I was fortunate for being able to present for my mother's 85th birthday in Sri Lanka.