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Lovely Thursday Evening

When Mrs. told me about a week ago that on Thursday people from PG will be meeting up at our house for PG session, though I said okay, I wasn't very pleased. In fact, when she again talked about it on the day before, I told her that, I'm not really looking forward to meet up with them. Though, she did not dig much into the reason, back of my mind I knew that I did not want to mingle around too many people - I would have rather prefer a quiet Thursday evening. After all, it was the evening before my weekend after somewhat stressful week in the day job.Perhaps another reason, I wasn't really looking forward for the evening was, I did not want people to start asking me, why I haven't been participating in the PG for sometime!

Anyhow, Mrs. made all preps at home to welcome and entertain the people on Thursday evening. She fixed drinks 1 , made some snacks and cooked food to feed the people. She had also arranged worship songs for praise & worship session. To my pleasant surprise, she had even included one of most liked worship songs in the list 2

After all, the evening of meeting people, praise & worship & intersession went very well. I have to admit, I fully participated in whole my heart and all my resistance I had totally vanished during the event. I felt peace & calmness in my mind listening to praise & worship. People were nice - after the PG session, lots of chatter & laughter. Good bonding! I'm thankful to Mrs for all what is she doing for enhancing our spiritual lives

Meet up for PG Session at Home on March 22nd,2018.jpg

  1. Non-Alcoholic

  2. How Great Thou Art

Week of March 11th - 15th, 2018

What's getting my attention? What do I look forward to?

  • With the end of the A380 Economy Class SPML loading trials on Sunday, I must get Irina to summerise the feedback, so I would be able to convene a meeting to reveiw the feedback,learnings and possibly the way forward.
  • Finalization of the JD.
  • Gather concepts/ideas for a crew app to be able to access what's loaded on the aircraft.
  • Will also look for an opportunity for coaching one or two of my team

What am I anxious about or rather avoid?
Oh, well… nothing really for now, which is a good thing 🙂

Journaling App

I've been using journey app across platforms as my everyday go to journaling app since the begining of this year. Prior to that, I used Day One app and have been since 2013, though it was only mac & iOS up until recently when they came up with Android app too. For some reason, I find journey UI is much inititive and prettier than Day One across platforms; in particular I quite like web UI of journey. As a result, I tend to keep up with my journaling habit more frequently than before. One advatage though on Day One, I could create mutiple jounals. Not too sure Journey app provides that feature. But then again, I noticed, even though I had created seperate journals for work & personal, more often than not I've mostly been journaling in one. I think, I will continue to use journey app for now and see, how will it inspire me to keep up with journaling.

Another post

Just to make sure everything is working as it ought to be. After, I'd better get some sleep.

Here we go...

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Dining out

spur of the moment decision to dine out this evening in the popular sea food restaurant by the sea

Work Week ahead March 4th - 8th, 2018

Scanning through the calendar in the day job at a glance,it is good to see that there aren't many meetings scheduled for me to attend. There is one, though that I will have to facilitate on Wednesday, of which I will prepare either on Monday or Tuesday.

What am I excited about and look forward to achieving

  • I'd like to go to the kitchen and do a few checks, whether the entire process of A380 Economy Class SPML loading trial is working from ground catering perspective.
  • While I will be in the kitchen, I'd like to start acertaining all the plastic stuff we are putting on board.
  • Will also look for an opportunity for coaching one or two of my team.
  • May be do a few observations onhow the Flights are despatch from the kitchen,in prep for my next big project.
  • Review and close respnses for FA Reportts in the month of February.


This hasn't happened to me for long time, but this morning,I came to work with excitement of promote of a few enhancements to our main business software. Most of the new features that were promoted in to production are my own ideas and suggestions to improve the SPML product, customer experience, and our own business process.


Here is a not so intersting selfie. This neck traction is part of physiotherapy session at Woordul Spine Centre. This is my 4th of 8 sessions, the doctor has prescribed. Fun!