Digital Letter

When connected on Skype a couple of days ago, our daughter started to tell us about two betting websites that people can bet for English football teams. In the middle of the story, I figured out what was she going to tell and in my impatience I interrupted her to inform her that she should not have to complete the story, that I'm well aware about those sites and advised her that she must not even visit those kind of online web sites. Mother, who was seated next to me wasn't happy that I did not let the daughter to tell us the whole story; but I interrupted. I may have overreacted a bit; but in the end the whole blame was put on me for not being listened to the daughter - I know that wasn't unusual that in any of these kind of episodes, I ended up as the cause of the fault.
I did send a digital handwritten note to the daughter to say sorry and to appreciate that her honesty of attempting to share her online experience with us though. She had replied in just one word saying ok