Just for a kick, I’m trying out good old MacJournal app - a well known native Mac app for journaling. I remember using the app back in the days, with my first apple computer, a decade ago, when my only apple device was desktop iMac. With acquiring iDevices over the years and declining of use of desktop computer, I switched to DayOne app on all of my devices. DayOne is a beautiful application and I quite like it. Though I have been using DayOne app for last 3-4 years and have access to the app from many iDevices, I hardly achieved consistency in making entires. It wasn’t because I did not have anything at all to write; but invariably keep forgetting to write anything. Whether that would take a turn because of MacJournal app, I don’t know; nevertheless no harm giving it another try. Some times, I also feel whether my frequent posting on 10C Social, which I’ve always enjoyed, kept me away from consistently maintaining the digital journal. I don’t know…

My recent readings on the internet on the topic of Journaling has helped me to understand more meaning to what journaling is about and how does that help in de-cluttering mind, dealing with fears , etc. I also learnt that journal entries do not necessarily have to be dated, unlike keeping a diary . Thinking about it, DayOne app mostly sounds like a diary application as all entires are dated. That has exactly the way, I’ve been using the app in that I used to write a brief entry of significant happenings on the day. This morning I came across an article written by Austin Kleon about how he used to keep a "Logbook". In that he has kept a record of list of events rather than a detailed writing. He cites Wikipedia entry for “Logbook” as

“A logbook was originally a book for recording readings from the log, and is used to determine the distance a ship traveled within a certain amount of time. The readings of the log have been recorded in equal times to give the distance traveled with respect to a given start position.

Logbook isn’t a new concept for me. I have had maintained Logbook(s) for many years, when I used to be a Boy Scout. The entires in the Logbook weren’t lists though. Instead they were more like journal entires. Some entires were dated; some were not. Unfortunately, since I relocation from Sri Lanka, it looks like I had miss-placed those handwritten Logbooks.

I think, the medium really doesn’t matter whether it’s going to be Journal, Diary or Log Book. I must learn to be more consistent in recording my stuff, if that makes sense!