Alcohol may be less harmful for people over 50


A new study investigates the potential protective effects of alcohol at different ages. They find that it is not a level playing field.

A childhood friend of mine shared this our group chat while back. Am not all kind of a person in in-depth analysis of any sort, unfortunately, unlike , who's really good at and I've always admired his style of analysing, specially when it comes to information of this kind. The gist I take from this article is I should not be too much worried about drinking alcoholic beverages thinking it might increase unwanted health risks and complications, but perhaps I must learn to reduce my in take, from few glasses to only a couple glasses, even though I drink only a couple of times a week. Perhaps , when he gets time might be interested to do a in-depth analysis of the article and write about it, so that I could also learn 🍸🤐