I had a brief look at Draftin app. It looks nice both the simple UI and features. Ability to access it from any web browser attracts me, specially now that I'm not on full Apple eco system.
I also have to say since I got used to Nice,10C, PrivateLog.. I'm liking to access apps on web :) one of the biggest advantage for me is faster sync and being able to access from any device and any where.. Have you had a go at Draftin your self?

aha that's nice! Many thanks.

Today the May 7th, marks the 24th anniversary of our marriage :)

it's also called pita bread [en.m.wikipedia.org]


All right. It's time to sleep. Good Night one & all !

Okay. Will check the link you posted.

So in brief,what's it all about..?

Good Night!

Hey, lovely to have you here!

At the Eat & Drink Restaurant buying grilled whole chicken with Arabic bread for dinner