@matigo Yep. When switched to 'pen' mode you can write on it using the stylus and whatever you write you can see on the screen ( there is Lenovo Note Saver app)

@matigo Havent had much time to play with it. But I must say must get used to type on halo keyboard though.

They should have provided a bit longer charging cable for Yogabook.

@matigo Hoping so! How's your day going so far?

Straight to the kitchen today. No scheduled meetings for the entire day and hope it stays that way, so I can get on with my own tasks

Enough for today. off to bed now

@hazardwarning I'm going to pray for your dad. He will be okay.

// @indigo @peemee @kdfrawg @c

@peemee None of us even tell about tomorrow really!

Stephie is fixing dinner tonight at home 🙂


@peemee it's Lenovo yoga book 🙂