They changed my room, apparently there would be fumigation planned in the previous wing. It doesn't make a difference anyway. All the rooms are same with crappy wifi-fi. So I'm connected to my iPhone hotspot

I've been getting sick too much this entire year I have no idea which has been causing what to be honest. It looks to I will stay in the hospital tonight also. In a way It's good as I have been getting high fever a couple of times a day and proper medication & care on time

Sorry that I wasn’t able be around. Was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday night and still being treated under observations and tests.

Oh nothing serious I hope

Another hospital visit

No, not fully. Cold seems to have disappeared. The body is still weak though.

Brief stop in HQ to get to the car to go home

Quick breakfast before meeting in half hour

Unfortunately I won’t be able to do that for long specially when at work. It’s all good though. How’s your Monday treating so far?