As much as she’s supposedly a celebatory chef and seemed a lovely person , I did not particularly enjoy doing the kitchen tour this morning for reasons even I myself unable to figure. Perhaps, it was becuase there were far too many people, including the videographers from the media; I don’t know. After going around all the areas in the kitchen to finish off in the Concept Development Kitchen, where the chefs demoed live cooking, in the middle, a thought came in my mind what’s the hell am I doing here…! I am much capable and can contribute to the organization much better than taking people around the kitchen. That’s said, I did enjoy though watching how the chef cooked fried rice in the wok. He cooked the shrimps, followed by peas; after which the egg York was put into the wok, before putting part of boiled rice. He particularly mentioned that the rice must be cold. A couple of minutes after the first part of rice was cooked in the egg York base; the 2nd part of the rice was put into the wok. In a few minutes later another part of egg York was put into the rice. Finally, the shrimps and peas were added to finish the fried rice.

An Indian chef then begun the cooking demonstration of the Tandoori oven, explaining how the chicken meat must be marinated & whatnot, in which point, I decided to leave after politely informing the people around.