It has been 10 days, since my mother passed away. It was Friday, September 7th,2018. Even though, I wake up early at about 6.00 a.m. during weekends; on that Friday I woke up for a bit to go to the bathroom. The wall clock in the bathroom showed 04:15 1 As it was still too early to be up on a weekend, I decided to go back to sleep. I don't bring my cell phone with me to sleep. But, the wife does. Still in half a sleep, at around 05:30 in the morning, I heard Wife's cell phone rang and she was talking with my niece from Canada. In the 1st instance, I thought, it must have been an emergency at her home. In the end of the phone conversation, Mrs. asked me to check my cell phone, in which case I had to get up and walked downstairs. As I was picking up the phone, my brother-in-law was calling me and conveyed the sad news of mum's passing early hours in the morning. For 1st time in long time, I was speechless and broke down with tears! I just could not believe it. That was so unexpected and unrealistic for me. She was considerably in good health. I even had called her twice a few days before. About 3 years ago though, she had to under go a complex surgery and was under intensive care for about 3 weeks or so and fully recovered. It was a miracle ! Since then, she has generally been an active person in the age of 85. She looked after her self, some times, she even walked to the near by small town for groceries & cooked authentic Sri Lankan dishes, whenever I visit her.

Mum was school teacher through out her working career and had a natural talent of teaching the curriculum and guiding not only her students; but also her children at home 2 Maintaining high standards of discipilne and education has always been high priority for her. She, together with our father, provided the guidance and environment for that. Beside, she has always been a devoted follower of Lord Buddha's teachings and until her last day she served both buddhist temple and the needy with good deeds. She did not miss to offer Dhane 3 every month.

With her continuous love, affection & guidance, mum kept us glued together in unity, since our dad passed away 8 years ago. 4.

Since mother's passing, close friends & family who learnt about her death has told me that her death was a peaceful death in her sleep and according to buddhist beliefs, her soul is in a much better place. Even better, May my mother attain supreme bliss of nirvana"

  1. It was 05:45 in Sri Lanka and later I found out that was about the time my mum seemed to have passed away in a sleep

  2. Three girls and the boy

  3. Alms offered to the monks

  4. Coincidently dad's death also occurred in the month of September on 14th day