Sisters Disconnect...

I have three sisters - one elder to me and two younger. Two of them live in Sri Lanka & the other in Canada. They all married & have grown up kids. We grew up as a close-knit family when our parents were living. Even after I left SL to live in the overseas, mother made sure that we live in harmony and in close contact. Even though I did not make time to call them in particular, I did call them once in a while to ask them how were they doing and to give up dates of myself and family. Most of such calls were made on the same to, soon after I had called mother.
One thing that I've realized, since the mother passed away in last September, calls between the sisters & myself has almost disappeared. The elder sister did call me though in the first couple of weeks, soon after I got back after mom's funeral though. That was it!
Sometimes, I think, perhaps they can't afford to give me a call because they are too busy; or even because long distance calls are too costly that they can't afford to. I don't know… Such is life!