Premium Kitchen Walk Around

Notes from walk around on Sunday, February 24, 2019

Enter EKFC 3 from Mezzanine floor or level 1
From level 1, take the stairs in the LHS, without going through security
Walk all the way until you see Ground floor signage
Enter from the door onto Right
You are entering the clean side of the ware wash
Pass through the dish-wash machines - 09 Dishwash machines

Ware Wash Facts
Bulk washers : 03
Multi Track machines : 03
Glass washers : 02
Total pieces: 2.5 - 3 million a day of which 60% of F and J
Monorail : 1.8km Long
Monorail Stations : 03
Bin conveyor: 1Km in distance
Bin charging stations: 04
Liquid Drainers: 06
No pallets - All Equipment transported on EMS Trolleys

Goods Receiving Area
No of Bays: 11
Deliveries: 100 a day
Dollies: over 500

Next Stop - Bond Stores
Take the lift no 62 from Warewash in Ground Level to Bond Store in Level 1
Enter into Business Class Bar Packing Area - beside Duty Free Bond

Bond Store Facts
No of Bar Carts preparation for a day
First Class : 200 a day
Business Class: 800 a day
DFS Carts: 1200 a day
Wine & Champagne containers: 1300 a day
8000 bottles of wines a day1,500 DP champagne bottles a day80 - 100 types of wines - Regional
F & J Kit Bags: 350 bags packed a day = 6000 kits a day
Sleep Suits : 200 a day
First Class Goodie Baskets: 1000 a day
Dry Stores containers: 1500 a day

Next Stop - Flight Prep / Production in Level 2
Take lift number 53 or 54
Passing the Tray setting stations ( 12 stations ) Take right to the Pastry
After the Pastry, Pass by cold kitchen
Across the corridor walk into the Hot Kitchen
Exit back to Tray Setting
Turn left from the 1st door to left ( Door signage- Hot Kitchen Assembly) towards First Class exclusive kitchen

Next Stop - Flight Prep - Equipment Packing on Level 2
190,000 glasses are packed a day70,000 pieces of cutlery packed a day25000 cutlery rolls are made a day