1st Half - 2019

First half of 2019 has just been completed. I thought it is good to look back and review the last six months - good, bad & the ugly.
If I think of my favorite single day or the single event of the first half, it was not just one single day or an event, but a few. On Wednesday the June 5th, Stephanie was informed that, she was awarded a Scholarship to pursue her MSc in Psychology. In less than two weeks, she got through her Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a First Class Honors, immediately after that news, she got the conformation of acceptance to continue studies to pursue MSc in Social & Applied Psychology. In my own professional font, In the same week on Thursday June 20th, I was informed of my job role in the new org structure 1 There you go, the month of June brought the family a much happiness. That doesn't mean to say I haven't had challenges, in particular with my health, in which ultimately that I had to undergo a minor surgery in the last week of the month. During the month, I also had the opportunity for a date with Stephanie in a little bit of shopping at IKAE, followed by quick snack in the cafeteria. All in all a good June indeed.

In terms of my own simple creativity side, though it was not a big deal, for the first time, I managed to built a couple of shortcuts on iOS, that would hopefully help me to do work competency related entires in Day One on the go.
As for the most impactful decision, that I've made during last six months, I believe, it has been sorting out my health challenges and improving physical & psychological wellbeing comes top.
In terms of finances, both Mrs & I have been able to manage well, that allowed us to put food on the table & pay bills. Towards the later part of the 1st half, with daughter was being awarded with the scholarship, it was a much welcome relief for both of us for future financial planning.

As for my personal & professional development, even though it was by force, I managed to complete at least half a dozen of on-line courses of which some of the learning was applied for driving actions in the day job. That doesn't mean to say that I haven't had times of frustrations for not being able practice & apply some of the management theories which I've been reading in HBR though. Personally, I have been developing my listening skills too over the last six months and I'm very pleased about it. In my mind, I think that has been the hardest lesson I learned over past six months. Towards the end of June, when I was off-sick at home, I've also slowly developed a new hobby, passion or habit or whatever you want to call it - writing daily Morning Pages and a Journal 2

In closing, the one thing I am gratefulfor this past six months is, being employed in one of the world's reputable organization & the value, trust & confidence people I have on me. If I can also give another, it is definitely my wife & the daughter for being super supportive to me in coping up with some of the life's challenges over last six months. I'm most grateful!

Personal goals for the next half of the year..hmm..there is one I can think of right now and that is to complete 12 weeks guided course of "The Artist's Way" in the workbook by Juila Cameron and perhaps put the learning into practice consistently next 12 weeks. More about that later.

I have to say, writing this post was a spur of the moment thought that came to mind while I was trying to get some sleep, but could not. Thank you for reading! it is past 1.00 am and I must try & get some sleep.

  1. Due to restructure that has been going since July 2018

  2. I use Apps on my iPad to achieve that