Neem Tree...

When we first offered the company accommodation about two decades ago, we were given the opportunity to view a few houses rented by the company. We viewed about 3 available houses which located in the same compound. Finally, we selected the current house we live in. We have been since year 2000. As all the houses in the compound are in the same lay out and design, the decision to choose this one was mainly because of the neem tree that is in the front yard. As you will see in the link, neem tree is known for wide variety of good things, mainly when it comes to health & well being. This was one of the key criteria Monica & I considered in choosing the house.

This neem tree, over the years has been a good friend of mine. This has been the place I go to first thing in the morning with my cup of coffee & a cigarette in my hand. It has been under the neem tree, I prayed to the lord, taken time to think through about the good & bad things I go through life. It has also been the place that I’ve been fantasizing. There have also been memories coming to my head - both pleasant and unpleasant. No matter what time of the day or even what season of weather, I’ve always enjoyed standing under the neem tree 1

More the tree grows, I have been the happiest. It not only gave me a place to wind down and relax, but also plenty of shade & coolness during the hot summer months. Of course on the other hand as the tree grows, it roots could have damaged the tiled floor on the pathway to the main entrance. This is what Mrs has always been worrying and commenting. So every now and then she wanted the Gardner to trim the tree and it was just been done during last couple of days. Though I wasn’t very pleased about it, in the end I agreed, hoping the tree will continue to grow & nourish, no matter what.

Neem Tree last week

Neem Tree today

  1. I’m considering installing a chair/bench fixed to wall to sit