Too much connected.. Are we...?

I’m here seated in the couch downstairs at home, when I got a message from the daughter who is in her room upstairs asking

Anyone be available to drop me at the train station at 4, because I’m meeting my friends.

I responded

Okay, I will.

Soon after that, I was thinking to myself, why in the world, she could not have asked me in person. I’ve been seeing her almost the whole day at home, she did not utter a word. Was it because, she felt brave to ask in a message rather than face to face in person, assuming that I’d refuse her request? Was it because she was lazy to walk downstairs or even to scream from upstairs to ask it? Was it because she felt that her phone was in easy reach and it was more comfortable to type in a bunch of text?

I thought to myself, what a strange world we live in. Being in a connected world is absolutely fine if the intention is to build & foster relationships and to share ideas & thoughts collaboratively. It isn’t good, if that takes away most important human touch by being able to communicate face to face and express ourselves.

I’m just saying!