Keep Writing...

There have been a couple of recent posts that has been of much interest to me about writing and in particular blog posting The most recent two that stands out are, our own 's Something to Write About and the other is from Ron Chester's Write About What's interests you. Then there was this one from my niece - Rebecca, to which answered the question, posed by on 10C, here. , in his reply to , highlights an important point, that writing allows people to think and put those into words backed by context.
I believe there are a some good take-aways from all three articles. What stands out for me particularly are 's point about the context 1 and other is putting thinking into words. I also like Ron's humble approach in his writing, whenever he has something that interests him to say.
To and Ron, please keep writing & I always look forward to read yours. And also to @booksbyrebecca, continue writing, no matter what. Here is note to myself Write Better!

  1. Which I have to admit, lots of my blog posts lacks