I’ve always been liked to try out any new app on mac or iOS, in particular productivity ones. In most cases, if they have been on trial, at the end of such trial period, I either buy or subscribe to them annually. Therefore, I expect either product or service they offer to be working reliably. When they are not, more than anything else, it frustrates me hell of a lot. Right now, it is a moment like that…

I recently purchased an app called Capsicum - a kind of Bullet Journaling app made for iOS. After 14 days, trial, I had subscribed to the app and installed on both iPad and iPhone 1 I like both the functionality as well as looks of the app. It does what it is supposed to be doing - giving people to do basic planning of tasks, make notes & tracking whatever the habits they wasn't to keep a track of. There are loose leaf section, if anyone wants to keep notes & a record of other bits & pieces. I've been using it for keeping a gratitude journal and a record of HBR articles, that I've read.

In the short time, I've started using the app on both iPhone & iPad, I've heavily been using it, even making entires on the go. However, yesterday I noticed that the iPhone app stopped syncing with iPad counterpart and I did not see any of the entires I had in the iPad on my iPhone. As the whole app eco system and syncing works based on account created within the app; I logged off from iPhone app and logged in again to see whether the syncing issue journals between iPad and iPhone would be resolved. To my surprise, all the journals I had created had disappeared. I tried restoring the purchase within the feature in the app and nothing happened. Whilst, app still let me know create new journals, my previous journals never came back. At this point, I decided to email the developer about the issue I was facing. As expected, he was so prompt and I received a reply in less than 15 minutes giving me advice for troubleshooting. Unfortunately though nothing worked. After exchange of a few emails back & forth, he managed to get my missing journals on iPhone back. However, the sync function between iPad and iPhone still wasn't working. The developer reckoned there is a issue in syncing and he would fix it and let me have the beta via TestFlight as it might take a couple of weeks for it to be available via App Store. This morning I had received the link to Beta version; but I am still not too sure whether I should install it on iPad or iPhone or on both. I've just sent him an email asking for clarification.

Though I was a bit frustrated when I realized journals on iPhone has disappeared and all of the data I had in them were lost, the Developer's speedy responses to my emails and quick action, delighted me in the end.

  1. They do not have a mac version