Mom's Call

I had just got up from my afternoon nap, when my cell phone rang. Picking it up, I saw, it was mother's cell number. For a moment, I thought, what was up… I cannot remember a time that my mother had called me! It has always been other way around - me calling her. Not complaining, but it's one of those things.
Anyway, when I picked up the call, she said, that she heard the house phone was ringing for very long time as she was walking in to the house from Budugeya1 and when she reached the phone instrument, it stopped. So, she assumed, it was me who was trying to call; hence her call to me.
Finally, I called her back and we spoke about her health, current rainy weather in Sri Lanka and also dad's death anniversary function. In ending the call, we wished each other wished me good health!

  1. The buddhist worship place at my parents' home