Posting from Evernote

Hello, inspired again by the good work of Jason  I’m back here after sometime. I’m checking out another awesome feature that Jason has built in to his 10Centuries Blogging service - the ability to post a blog post or even photos right from Evernote. That’s pretty cool. So I’m writing this post from my Evernote app on Mac. 

A week or so back I asked Jason whether our blogs are hosted in ADN; Not! apparently all 

data is hosted on Jason's servers in Japan. He also mentioned that 10Centuries has been two years older than ADN and it’s not that tightly integrated. 

According to Jason, right now,10C also accepts posts from the web dashboard, email, Evernote. He is also working on another project that any one would be able to post & maintain Books on-line.

Thank you, Jason for all your awesome work to the community.

So this is a short post for now and perhaps I will try to write a bit longer post later in the week.