Everything Changed

I was supposed to be at a Training Course on MS SharePoint Server 2013. However, everything had to change last minute as I had to rush to the Flight Kitchen due to a sudden outage of their automated trolley transportation system that is 9 kilo meters long from 2200 UTC. I was later told that the outage was due to a communication software glitch which controls the entire system. Whilst the system experts were trouble shooting the issue, we had to manage manually to ensure catering sets for flights were dispatched & loaded with minimum impact to OTP. In a large kitchen with complex operations, our task was very challenging. The most challenging part for my self personally was to keep up to date about how well we were doing in dispatching & loading of flights. I just couldn't connect my iPhone to the the 3G meteor as there was no connectivity to my service provider's network within the flight kitchen. I had my blackberry well connected. However, the application access on that was also not consistent. In the end I had to depend on seeking information from others and noting it down on a piece of paper. That was a bit disappointing in a high tech world we are living; wasn't it? Having said that, I feel overall the operations went fairly well based on the scale of the problem we had in hand. The trolley transportation system came back up at 0634 UTC.