I'm all set to watch #WWDC live stream. I hope I would be able to keep my self up from this part of the world.. (GMT +0400)

Good Morning!

Well.. I guess, I'm done for tonight. Good Night everyone

Three day long weekend comes to an end. Work tomorrow and a somewhat tensed week ahead. Time to get to bed, I guess. Good Night one & all.

A bit of an old article. But I'm kind of surprised there isn't any mention about such a fabulous platform like #ADN in the article http://insights.wired.com/m/blogpost

I’ve got an email from #ADN team requesting to rate app.net apps that I’ve used in May. Oh well..this is the 1st time I’ve got such a request since I signed up

Finally, got on with a little bit of pending work. #LazyFriday

Trying to put my mind together to try and get along with some pending work stuff from home. Motivation doesn't flow tho.

On Netbot now on iPad. But wait.. I don’t see Global stream here..?