Every day is a different day...


After a few weeks I was fortunate to being able to spend some time back in the Kitchen. I hadn't planned to go there this week,as it has just been two days since I got back to work after week's vacation leave. Any how, at around 0745 in the morning, we had a phone call from our Duty Officer to inform of a crisis situation in an overseas kitchen who supply to us and quick arrangements had to be made to carry catering from the origin to cater to the return service. One out of Three daily services to the destination was already Enroute the destination, whilst another was still on ground 20 -25 minutes to the scheduled departure. The scheduled departure of the 3rd daily service was in the afternoon. As a matter of priority to deal with the immediate departure service and to coordinate with the local Supplier, I rushed to the Kitchen. Before leaving the HQ,had to respond to a typical question that is asked in these circumstances from HQ Operations guys "how long will it take to load catering for return service.." Without being present in the actual venue activities are taking place - in the local Kitchen, it was rather a difficult question for me to answer. That's said,after a quick analysis of the volume of product and activities involve in such situations with very short notice, I responded with estimated time duration it could take - two to two & half hours, which was accepted by the HQ Operations. Soon after that I rushed to the Kitchen to oversee the handling of the immediate departure. I have to say all in all the kitchen did a fabulous job by completing all the activities within 2 hours of the intimation of return catering. There you go, my estimation of the time duration was not bad! Moreover, I'm pleased that I had the opportunity for being present at the actual happening place and make things happend in collaboration with the others. It was a good day indeed, which I'm very glad.
Those who read my blog 1 must have seen my yesterday's post, in which I winge a little bit during my day in the HQ. But as one can see here, everything changed in 24 hours and I had totally different experience!

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