Blog Drafts & Writing

After some time, when I started writing a blog post on Evernote this morning, even before I started the text, my Evernote Notebook for @10Centuries posts went onto auto sync and published  a blog post "Untitled" on my 10Centuries website. A leasson learnt - I created a new Notebook for "Blog Drafts" on my Evernote. I'm using this new Notebook to start writing blog posts and keep them there until they are finish & ready to publish on to the website. This might help me to blog more often, I don't know. Perhaps, blogging more regularly might even help me to improve my non work related writing skills. One of the things, I have always been wanting to do is a bit of journalism; but never been able to got around it. Last year I even asked my good friend and a well respected writer, journalist and a political commentator Malinda Senevirtane { Malinda Words }  whether I could write tech reviews for his newspaper and he was very kind to say 'yes'. Oh well.. one day, some day! 

I'm now doing this post on my iPad connected to my newly purchased Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard K810. Using an external Keyboard makes wrting more simple and practical specially when the iDevice is kept on a flat surface like my work desk at home. I can see that I will be using the external keyboard with iPad more regularly. That said, I hope, I would be able to use the keyboard even when I am using the iPad on the couch rather than on my work desk all the times. In the recent past I tend to use my iDevices while seated on the couch in the living hall at home rather than in my room, eventhough the wireless signal is rediclousley bad. 

I know this post may not have focussed on any particular subject, but rather me trying to motivate my self for writing and also to see what tools might help me in keeping up with writing more conistently. In that  I just discovered, I am unable to insert URL on Evernote iOS application. So, I will have to do the finishing of this post on my Mac. However, all in all doing this post on iPad connected to Bluetooth Keyboard certainly is a pleasent experience.