Mystery on ADN

I joined just over an year ago, when I was kinda getting bored with twitter. I reached 3000 posts just a couple of days back. I may not have been much active and not have posted as much as most of my follows and followers have. I also have not been able to really participate and contribute for  continuous conversations on most of the topics like others have. But, I’ve always been enjoying been able to part of wonderful ADN community and also reading almost each and every post in my time-line. I find people in ADN much more engaging, responsive and somewhat caring than any other social networks that I’ve been part of. And most of them are innovative and creative too.  

On ADN, I’ve also made a couple of good friends, whom I had felt that I can talk anything &  everything and there have always been responses to my posts from them.  Among the people who I’ve been following there are and were also a few people, whom liked so very much for some reason or the other. I loved to read their posts and chat to them than others. 

Since recent past, I’ve been noticing a increasing trend that some of the most active pioneers are leaving ADN. A few weeks (or even months, I’m not sure) @andrewthornton had left and unfortunately I only found out when I did not see his posts any more and asked about his lack of posts. Followed by Andrew’s departure, @charl, all of a sudden ‘unfollowed’ all. She had a posts count of 47K . In her  earlier blog posts  @charl stated that  she left ADN, because she did not feel comfortable about the people on ADN. Since her original brief blog post, she has now posted an update here. Then, this morning, I learnt too has left ADN. Ronnie has also been a very active early adaptor on the ADN. All these 3 friends, I have always admired and liked so very much and its  sad to see them going. Now, I see Charlotte has actually explained reasons behind her departure; but other two - it’s a mystery to me! Is there anything mysterious going on ADN, that I’ve not picked up or noticed? Or have I been ignorance..? I hope, one day, some day I would be able to find out. Unfortunately, all these have begun to happen in the midst of me talking to some of my colleagues  here about ADN, how good ADN is and asking them to check it out & join!